You may have already reached the point where you have tried a lot of different diets, but have still not been able to lose the extra pounds you have been wanting to get rid of. If everything else has failed, the answer you have been looking for may be the HCG diet. The internet has become so incredibly convenient, a lot pf people believe they can simply look online to find a dosage chart for HCG injections. These charts are available and will state the dosage for an HCG injection.

HCG Injections Dosage

Unfortunately, this does not mean the dosage on the chart is the right dose of HCG for your specific needs. It is important to have a physician supervising and prescribing the right dosage for the HCG diet. It is possible you have illegally purchased your HCG shots. If this is the case, you should be aware this is incredibly dangerous. If you have secured your injections through legal means, your physician will prescribe you the correct dosage.

The correct HCG dosage is:

  • When the dose prescribed is a 150 IU dose, this is fifteen units or .15 ml/cc on the syringe
  • When the dose prescribed is a 175 IU dose this is 17.5 units or .20 ml/cc on the syringe
  • When the dose prescribed is a 200 IU does, this is twenty units or .20 ml/cc on the syringe

It is important to understand HCG injections are not the same thing as HCG drops. HCG drops will not provide the same results and they will not last nearly as long. HCG drops are not the same as the genuine, pharmaceutical HCG injections.

Determining your correct HCG dosage is important. This decision will be made by your doctor using specific factors for you HCG dosage. These are:

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your height
  • Your overall health
  • The amount of weight you want to lose using HCG

There are two main factors your physician will use to determine the correct dosage of HCG for your injections. These are no hunger and weight loss. If you are still hungry while on the HCG diet, either you have been prescribed too low of a dosage or you are not consuming the 800 calories you should be each and every day according to the program. The best recommendation in both cases is to talk to you clinical advisor about what has been happening. There is a good chance eating an apple in between your meals will eliminate the feeling of hunger you are experiencing.

hcg injections dosage for men

If you are not dropping the amount of weight that was projected, your advisor will discuss your food preparation and meal plans with you. This is to make certain you are adhering to the prescribed HCG diet protocol. If everything for your HCG and diet appear to be on target, your physician may increase your HCG dosage. This decision must be made by the doctor.

Mixing the Correct Dosage

Your HCG dosage is critical. You should get all your supplies together prior to mixing your HCG solution, then use soap and water to wash your hands. You are going to require the following:

The HCG vial

The mixing syringe

  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • The Bacteriostatic water vial
  • The Sharps container

The steps to correctly mix your HCG are:

  1. Take off the tops from your bacteriostatic water and HCG vials. Use an alcohol prep wipe to wipe of the tops on both vials.
  2. After opening your mixing syringe, your needle is inserted into the bacteriostatic vial to withdraw the correct amount of solution as outlined below. This is the injection dosage chart for you HCG diet and shows the right amount for mixing your HCG,
    • 2000 IU vial 2 mlbacteriostatic solution 2 ml mixing syringe
    • 5000 IU vial 5 ml bacteriostatic solution 5 ml mixing syringe
    • 10000 IU vial 10 ml mixing syringe 10 ml bacteriostatic solution
  3. Insert your needle into your HCG vial the add the sterile solution slowly to your HCG powder.
  4. Gently swirl or roll your HCG vial with your hands but do not shake it.
  5. Allow your solution fifteen minutes to set so it can finish mixing. There should not be any particles or crystals.