If you are like most people, you may be a little confused as to which method of intake to use for HCG. You are most likely also confused regarding the safety and effectiveness of the injections, pills, patches and the drops. You want the product that will cause you the least possible concern while being certain of the effectiveness. These are the reasons many individuals choose administering drops as their preferred method.

The Best Way To Use HCG Drops

How to Administer HCG Drops

The HCG drops offer you an effective means of taking the right dosage of drops without having to worry about:

  • Vials
  • Mixers
  • Needles
  • Inconvenient tools

The above methods do not make it easy to take HCG. There is also the consideration that drops will not require you to inject yourself using a needle. Many individuals are not willing to uses needles to administer anything. If you agree with this statement, chances are good you have a lot of questions about taking HCG drops. You will need to understand the correct way to take your HCG drops and the right way to measure the dosage of your HCG drops. The best way to do this is to continue reading to make certain the right intake method for you is the HCG drops.

The Definition of HCG Drops

HCG drops are an oral method for the administration of HCG. This is not the same as HCG injections because HCG drops are ingested through your digestive system as opposed to a direct injection into your bloodstream. The drops are considered to be the best form of HCG intake by a lot of people. As long as you take the correct dosage of HCG drops, they will provide you with the correct balance you need during your diet.

HCG drops are still one of the most common and popular methods of taking HCG. This is mostly because the drops combine efficiency and convenience. The easiest way to get you HCG drops is in an HCG drop kit. This type of kit usually contains the liquid HCG drops in a bottle along with the syringe you will need to administer your drops orally.

How to Administer HCG Drops

One of the most important questions prior to going on the HCG diet involves the correct way to take the drops. If you decided to get your drops by purchasing an HCG drops kit, you already have everything you are going to need to begin taking your drops. The majority of HCG drop kits contain an administering syringe of some type with a bottle of drops. There will also be a separate administration dropper for the drops or the bottle cap will have a dropper with a squeeze top to administer the HCG drops.

The Specific Instructions for HCG Drops

The exact instructions for taking your HCG drops are dependent on the type of package you purchased. The majority of the HCG drop kits administer the drops using the exact same method. The biggest difference between the HCG drop kits is regarding the specific dropper. The administration of your drops will change slightly according to your dropper. This is the reason it is so important to read the instructions included with your drops thoroughly and carefully. This will ensure you administer your drops correctly.

It is just as important to understand there is more to administering your HCG drops than it may originally appear. Administering your drops encompasses:

  • Making certain your HCG drops are taken on a specific schedule
  • Taking your drops every single day
  • Ensuring the schedule for your HCG drops coincides with your diet
  • Ensuring your drops are right for the HCG diet plan you will be following
  • Making certain you purchase the correct HCG drops

Every statement above demonstrates the importance of reading the instructions that came with your HCG drops. This will eliminate the chance you take your drops incorrectly. The length of time you will be taking your HCG drops is dependent on the exact diet plan you will be following. In most cases, your HCG drops should be taken for the initial 28 days of your HCG diet. After this period, the drops are no longer required.

how to use hcg drops

The HCG diet has numerous different variations. This means you may have to take your drops for a longer period of time, or decrease the length of time you are using your drops. The majority of the plans have set a similar time period for you to use your HCG drops. This will be detailed in your instructions to ensure you do not miss taking your drops for any required days.

General Instructions for the Drops

You should begin using your drops on the first day you begin your diet. Your drops will help your through your Loading Phase including your binge day. You must follow the instructions for taking your drops during every day of your HCG diet. You must continue using your drops until you have been instructed to stop. Once again the length of time you use your HCG drops is dependent on the specific protocols of your diet. You must observe these details to ensure you remain on track with your drops.

Every time you use your HCG drops, you must not drink or eat anything for a minimum of thirty minutes after administering your drops. This is extremely important because you will be placing the drops in your mouth. The drops must remain in your mouth for this period of time for proper absorption into your bloodstream. The drops are actually absorbed by a membrane located beneath your tongue. The correct method of using your drops is imperative for your success.

Your HCG Drops Dosage

When you are ready to start taking your drops, the drops must be administered beneath your tongue. In most cases, you will be placing between eight and ten drops each time. You must follow the directions that came with your HCG drops to make certain you are using your HCG drops correctly. The correct dosage of drops is a critical step. Once your HCG drops have been administered, let the drops remain for a minimum of one minute to ensure your bloodstream absorbs as much of the drops as possible through the lining of your membrane. You can then swallow any remaining drops. Remember to wait thirty minutes before drinking or eating anything.

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The Correct Dosage of Drops

Your exact dosage of HCG drops is dependent on the specific protocol of your HCG diet as well as the specific HCG drop kit you are using. The correct way to take your drops may be different with every HCG drop kit. You must follow the instructions for the drops you purchased. You have to know the right dosage of drops to take because the protocol for your HCG diet is dependent on the amount of drops you take each day. Your HCG drops kit must be used with your specific protocol because it will contain the correct number of drops your will require during your diet.

The general rule is you will administer between eight and ten drops three times each day while you are on your diet. When you are administering your drops, make certain you count each drop as it falls into your mouth. Do not squeeze your dropper too hard or more liquid will be administered than you need. Follow this plan, and schedule your drops in between meals to make certain you are not drinking or eating during the periods you are using your drops.

Using HCG Drops the Correct Way

The best way to reach your target weight is to:

  • Use careful planning
  • Conduct research into the HCG drops available prior to making a purchase
  • Follow your HCG diet schedule exactly
  • Follow the instructions that came with your drops
  • Follow all applicable steps for your diet