You may have heard your coworkers or friends talking about the HCG diet or seen the amount of weight they have lost using HCG. You may even be considering trying the diet yourself. If you are like most people, the amount of information you have found regarding HCG or the diet itself probably overwhelmed you a bit. Chances are good, you are wondering how much it costs to try the diet. You have most likely looked at the cost and seen everything from $100 to $1,000. In most cases, the cost must be paid in advance your insurance will not pay anything for the diet supplies.

HCG Drops Cost

The cost to lose weight on numerous diet programs is high. This is not necessary true with the HCG diet. A lot of companies have their own type of HCG. There are also discounts provided by medical offices for the cost when their services are bundled. Do not allow the cost of the HCG diet to cause you to try a different diet that will not be as effective. It is not difficult to find a company offering HCG diet supplies over the counter. This is especially true of the sprays and drops. This is not the same as pharmaceutical HCG because homeopathic HCG is a little diluted.

Individuals who have used both the homeopathic and prescription forms of HCG for their diets found them equally effective. It is important to remember the reputability of the product varies from company to company. The average cost per bottle for a 23 day round of homeopathic HCG is between 85 and 100 dollars. You may find a company selling two bottles of HCG for a lower cost. If there is any reason you are unable to take HCG, the cost is very similar for homeopathic HCG drops. Individuals who have found a company offering the alternatives said they helped with the weight loss during their diets.

There is a difference in the cost of prescription HCG. This cost varies according to several factors.

  • There is a separate charge for every visit to a medical facility
  • You have to pay for your HCG injections, pills, spray or HCG supplies
  • If your insurance covers your HCG visits, there will be a copay
  • The weekly cost for your HCG supplies without insurance is roughly 60 dollars.

HCG Cost

The cost for your HCG injections is about 200 dollars for the first round. This cost includes disposing of your HCG needles, syringes and your HCG. Some individuals have stated that the HCG shots for their diet have cost nearly 400 dollars. The cost for the HCG pill is lower but varies from 25 dollars to nearly fifty dollars for a one month supply. If you are unhappy with the cost for the HCG injections, another option is the HCG nasal spray. The price is generally between 100 dollars and 150 dollars. This should last for the entire HCG round.

The Caloric Intake

You will probably notice due to the low calorie intake, you grocery bill will be low as well. You can purchase the healthiest brands at the best value, but you must be careful with the fresh vegetables you choose for the HCG diet. This means the prices are not as important as the quality. A good example is ground beef costs under four dollars per pound. The lean, grass fed beef is almost eight dollars per pound. Since your daily protein while taking HCG is 200 grams per day, your beef will last approximately two days.

Stevia also costs more than sugar. If you purchase organic vegetables and fruits, the price will be more than standard produce. You can save money by shopping at ethnic markets. You initial grocery bill while taking HCG may be more than you thought. You must remember you will also save money because you will not be going out to eat. The cost of your diet will change if you use vitamins or supplements. Despite the increase in cost for your diet, these products are good for your health. The cost for your HCG is only as high as you allow. Most individuals who follow the diet lose the weight they wanted provided they take their HCG.