Unfortunately a lot of people have become both restless and overweight due to consuming an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. Sometimes this is caused by consuming the wrong foods, too much food or simply not getting the right amount of exercise. This inactive lifestyle is responsible for numerous individuals becoming overweight, obese, dealing with unhealthy circumstances and being unable to achieve the fat loss they desire. The time to plan balanced and healthy meals, exercise and achieve fat loss no longer seems to exist. People claim they are interested in losing weight, but this is contrary to their actions.

HCG Drops vs Injections

One of the reasons an individual may become either overweight or obese is connected to the desperate battle they fight to achieve fat loss as well as their anxiety level. Many people have attempted to lose the weight and end up following the wrong diet program. Instead of a loss of weight, they see a gain of additional pounds. There is an answer to these confusing and drastic circumstances. The answer is not complicated, these individuals need to find a program to lose weight that not only works, but suits the individual and provides a way to get rid of the extra weight.

For anyone who wants fast results, safety, efficiency and to be rid of the extra weight for good, the answer is the HCG weight loss plan. This plan not only uses HCG hormones, it is combined with eating a diet low in calories during the phase for weight loss management. This provides the person with ability to say goodbye to the additional weight while improving their overall health.

The Benefits of HCG Sublingual Drops and HCG Injections

Using the sublingual drops is just as effective as the HCG injections. The biggest differences with the sublingual drops are:

  • The drops are easier to take
  • There is less pain
  • A physical examination is not required
  • A medical prescription is not necessary
  • Three doses must be taken each day
  • The does must be taken twenty minutes prior to each meal

The sublingual drops are trouble free and simple and easy to use because they are ingested orally. The drops are placed beneath the tongue for about thirty seconds. Once the time has elapsed, the person simply swallows the drops. The individual should stay on a diet low in calories during the period of time they are using the drops. The drops will not alter the diet because they are an important aspect of remaining on a low calorie diet free from sugar, carbohydrates and fats.

Comparing HCG Drops And Injections

The most authentic and effective method for administering HCG is by using the injections. The person only has to take one shot of the hormone each day. This continues for 45 days. This is the only thing necessary for the person to experience effective weight loss. It is important to note not everyone is comfortable with sticking a needle into their person each and every day. This procedure can be painful. As time passes, it can easily become very traumatic in regards to the skin.

There have been cases where inflammation and irritations appeared on the site of the injection. Under certain circumstances, this can lead to the formation of blood clots. The weight loss for both the HCG drops and the injections have been equal. Since they both provide a weight loss program, it is important for the individual to consider which method will work best for them. This decision is generally based on the method the individual is most comfortable using. The chosen process is not important because they are both equally effective.