You have probably wondered how models have become so beautiful, tall and lean. You might even secretly be a little jealous of those gorgeous girls with tummies that look fabulous in swimsuits. Most people dream of a body as tone and firm as the guys at the gym or running down the street. Despite what so many people believe, there are ways to get rid of the extra weight without reducing hunger by smoking cigarettes, purging yourself every time you finish a meal or spending far too many hours working out.

Dr Emma hCG diet protocol

One of the best kept secrets in the nation is the new HCG diet protocol from Dr. Emma. This has been designed specifically for weight loss. The inspiration was the protocol Dr. Simeons originally founded. Dr. Emma wanted to modify this in a way that would increase the caloric intake of the user while including some important supplements during the treatment. This new diet protocol includes several enhanced recipes focusing on foods with additional protein, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. This was accomplished without any additional starches or sugars.

The new protocol for the HCG diet has numerous benefits. The HCG treatment guide raises the allotted caloric intake to ensure you can retain muscle while you are burning fat. The optimal burning of fat is supported by the only the best HCG drops and injections. In opposition to the original HCG protocol, Dr. Emma has improved the plan by incorporating pure injections of HCG instead of the diet supplements that are homeopathic. The type of diet supplements Dr. Simeon included in the original protocol had a low HCG concentration.

Concentrated and pure HCG hormones are used for Dr. Emma’s protocol. This means it is much more likely for you to achieve fast and long lasting weight loss. The program also added sensational recipes to promote a diet both delicious and healthy. One of the most loved and best features of the program is you are able to eat foods that compliment your diet every day. This works extremely well for everything from taking a walk through the park to engaging in an intense cardio workout.

The Difference Between Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet and Dr. Emma’s

The difference is in the strict measures of both your calorie count and food intake during the intense phase of dieting. The caloric requirement for Dr. Emma’s HCG diet are higher than for the HCG diet plan established by Dr. Simeon. Your exact intake of calories is dependent on your metabolic rate. The claim of the original protocol was you could lose one or two pounds every day. The expectations of the new diet protocol are more realistic at roughly 1/2 pound per day.

Dr. Emma used recipes in the HCG diet with a slight variation in comparison to the original HCG diet. This includes:

  • More protein
  • Substantially better recipes
  • Tastier recipes
  • Optimal meal replacements
  • Standard dosages of HCG
  • Natural suppressors for the appetite
  • Faster weight loss

Dr Emma hCGThe results for Dr. Emma’s HCG diet protocol have been good. A large majority of the women and men between eighteen and 45 years of age have given the HCG protocol devised by Dr. Emma a try. Their reports regarding their results throughout the program have been positive. Nearly all of these individuals have been pleased with the changes they have seen in their bodies after strictly adhering to the five step program for weight loss by Dr. Emma. Once these individuals have finished the program, they have been amazed at how simple it was to maintain an ideal weight. This has resulted in many of these people recommending Dr. Emma’s revolutionary program to their friends, family and coworkers.

If you are interested in a long lasting, fast and easy solution for weight loss, you should consider giving Dr. Emma’s HCG diet plan a try. Since every single technique is safe and natural, you do not have to be concerned about experiencing any side effects during the course of the treatment. This HCG diet plan is improved, new and has every component necessary for you to achieve an attractive and healthy weight. This program is available for women and men from age eighteen through age 45 in the United States.