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How to Use HCG Injections?

How to Use HCG Injections?

Those who are attempting to lose weight often turn to the hcg Diet because of its benefits in allowing them to shed weight quickly. The most important aspect of this diet is making sure the hcg injections are properly administered.

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What our Client says

I lost 12 kilos in the 43 days. Hot down to 72kg and looked skinny and felt skinny. Three months on I fluctuate between 71-72.5. My question is, I’m feeling fatter but still same weight, the weight has distributed differently. I don’t exercise.

Mr. Biping Singh CEO

I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures. My husband and I have completed two rounds. He has reached his goal and I am in the middle of my last “half” round with 5 pounds to lose to get to my goal of 130 pounds. I am 66, have shrunk to 5’2″ (from 5’3″) and at this time one year ago I weighed 180 pounds. Paul, my now lean hubby, went from 220 pounds to his goal of 169 in two rounds. We both feel so much better. He is off his statin and blood pressure medication

Mrs. Alexa Manager

HCG Diet Protocols

The HCG diet protocol is a weight loss method that has been popular for a number of years. It states that it can help a patient to lose as much as one to two pounds daily. Since hunger and appetite are a major factor regarding why diets fail, this is an important element for reducing calorie consumption.

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